5 Basic Tips To Look Stylish and Will Make You Fashion Guru (Women)

Do you not need to take the course of fashion lecturers? Or, do you not wish to follow the latest fashion shows to change your own style statement? If so, then you should make sense and learn about fashion and style. For that, all you have to do is simply look at the basic fashion tips given below to look stylish. It will also make you fashion guru.

  • Basic fashion tips will make you a fashion guru

It is not necessary to do many things to look stylish because looking simple is enough to achieve your fashion goal.

  • Wear black when you have nothing to wear

When you do not have anything to wear from your wardrobe, the default option for many women is black. Everyone women love to wear black as it never goes out of the fashion statement. A black leather coat is enough to make you look stylish. You can even accessories according to the black outfit such as sunglass, scarf, and pointed heels/shoe.

  • Choose the right combination of outfits

One of the best dressing style tips is wearing the right combination of clothes and accessories. You can easily combine the expensive handbag along with the inexpensive top. Keep in mind that it does not matter where you purchased your clothes and how costly they are. Many would think that wearing costlier outfits will make them look stylish but it is a completely wrong assumption.

  • Invest in the best handbag

One of the essential accessories to express your fashion style is the handbag. Once again, how much you spend for the handbag is not at all important.  No matter, whether the handbag is budget priced or costlier, the crucial thing is that how it expresses who you are. Try to purchase the handbag according to your style statement.

  • Always wear sunglass

Whatever seasons it maybe you should wear sunglass all the times. Sunglasses are available for only one purpose that is to make you look classy and stylish. Invest your money on the best sunglasses of different styles, which enhances your overall appearance.

  • Mix up your style

One of the basic fashion rules is to mix up your outfit to attain a complete look. You can add something simple as combining the pair converse with the baggy T-shirt.  You can ever a wear a pair of designer heels, which works equally. Never hesitate to try combining some unusual things to display your best dressing sense for female. At the end result, you will be surely surprised and never seen you as a fashion diva before.

Additional fashion statement to look stylish

  • When you feel that something lacking from your whole appearance, add up something bright like shoes, accessories, etc
  • Always be ready to play around with different sizes
  • When it comes to hairstyle and makeup, less is more. Do not overdo anything as it ruins your entire look
  • Have confidence in yourself and your fashion style is key for others

10 Ways to Dress Better in 2018, With Tips From Fashion Pros

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution that doesn’t require cutting out an entire food group or spending even more time in the gym? We’ve got you covered, as we’re all about making 2018 your best dressed year to date.

Prepare to clear out your closet, secure some emergency shopping funds and get ready to embark on a true sartorial adventure. Whether you intend on making this the year you stop wearing head-to-toe black or the moment when you finally stop guilting yourself for buying a pair of rather impractical stilettos, there’s no reason not to get out of your comfort zone in 2018.

But before you drop a few grand on a new wardrobe of very trendy pieces, take some tips from fashion professionals, including Net-A-Porter’s Fashion Director Lisa Aiken, stylist-turned-jeweler Jennifer Fisher and milliner extraordinaire Gigi Burris O’Hara. Here, these industry insiders drop some knowledge on how to overhaul your closet, shop a bit smarter and look like you always sit front row at NYFW. Here’s to a chic and stylish New Year!

1. Go shopping solo. 

“Trust your gut, because sometimes friends give you the worst advice. If you don’t think your friend has the exact same style as you do, don’t shop with them,” warned Jennifer Fisher. The jeweler to the stars can usually be found shopping alone—both in stores or online—so she can clearly focus on what really works with her wardrobe and what she actually wants to buy.

2. Before buying a statement piece, ask yourself one question.

“Does this accentuate the best version of who I am as a woman?” Brother Vellies designer Aurora James asks this, before buying a vibrant animal-print coat or an over-the-top dress. “For me, I love things that have a ‘wow factor,’ so if I’m going to splurge and buy something, I want it to be the clothing version of myself,” James explains. It’s a brilliant trick for making sure that your purchase is something you’ll actually wear; if you feel like yourself in a piece of clothing, you’re more likely to gravitate towards it when it’s hanging in your closet.

3. Opt for a trend that will stick around for a while. 

Net-A-Porter’s fashion director Lisa Aiken has a haunch that tailored clothing—think sharp blazers, smart trousers and all the button-down shirts you could imagine—will be on the runways for a few seasons to come. “This trend has longevity and can be worn as a full pantsuit or off duty with just the blazer, a white tee, and denim,” she elaborated.

New Zealand-based designer Maggie Marilyn seconds that sentiment, mentioning how you can get a lot of wear out of a statement blazer. “It’s something you can really dress up or dress down,” she explained.

4. Consider even the most minute details. 

Milliner Gigi Burris O’Hara is known for adding the most delicate details to her intricate hats, so she knows a thing or two about pulling together an outfit with panache. “Looking put together is very different than having it all together, it just takes a bit of mindfulness,” Burris O’Hara pointed out. “Make sure your shoes are shined and put on a hat—immediately you’ll look done.”

5. Flaunt it, because you’ve got it. 

Designer Tanya Taylor, who recently expanded her range of elaborate floral frocks and smart blouses to include plus sizes, wants you to show your body off! “I believe in dressing for your body type, not hiding it,” she told Observer. That means going for a frock with a nipped-in waist or a skirt that emphasizes your curves. Concealing your frame under a billowing silhouette won’t do you any favors.

6. Ease into a more colorful wardrobe. 

“Start small,” is Marilyn’s advice for adding a pop of color to your everyday looks. She suggests adding a neck scarf or a colorful pair of shoes to start and then building your way up to a totally color-filled wardrobe. She also thinks red is a great starting point. “Red is really so timeless; it’s bright and bold and goes with everything. It’s such a strong and empowering color,” she noted.

7. Push yourself with something new. 

If you always wear jeans, try swapping them out for a dress one day per week; if you’re a fan of flats, slip into a pair of heels every Friday night. Getting out of your comfort zone is a good way to challenge yourself, in both the sartorial and self-confidence department. “I try to pick one silhouette each season that’s new to add to my wardrobe,” Fisher explained. She prefers wearing pants, so this year, she’s trying out more skirts and dresses—and has even learned a lesson from this experiment: “I find skirts and dresses much easier to put together at 6AM in the morning!”

8. Yes, you should buy something impractical. 

Allow yourself to splurge on something special, one that probably wouldn’t withstand the daily commute, like a pair of open-toe mules with a plexiglass heel and a pouf of pink ostrich feathers. These are the type of fashion purchases that just make you happy!

“Everyone loves to dress up, even if it’s just at home. Why not throw on some Palms Pumps when you’re cooking dinner this evening,” said James, referring to the aforementioned feathered shoes from her Brother Vellies line. “You only live once, don’t take yourself so seriously.”

9. Use Instagram for everyday inspiration. 

You check the app first thing after your alarm goes off in the morning, so why not let it influence your outfit for the day. “It shows me how a mix of women are dressing, from designers to stylists to influencers to my friends and which styles they’re actually wearing day to day,” said Taylor. Consider saving inspiring outfits into a “Collection” on your account, so you can easily access outfits you want to emulate.

10. Don’t forget to build a solid foundation of basics.

This advice is hardly new, but basics are the building blocks of every well-dressed woman’s wardrobe. “You can’t go wrong with white tees, vintage denim, masculine shirting, perfect tailoring and a pointed pump,” explained Aiken. Simply add a piece or three of gold jewelry et voilà, you have an easy and pulled together look, at any time.

10 Simple Style Rules That Will Make You a Fashion Guru

You don’t have to take a course of lectures or even follow the latest fashion shows to transform your own style and make sense of what modern fashion is all about. All you have to do is take a look at the streets of New York. The inhabitants of this incredible city look so unique that you can’t help but feel inspired.

Bright Side gathered together ten basic rules which every fashion lover of New York observes.

Rule #1: When you’ve got nothing to wear, wear black.

Wearing nothing but black is the default option for many women in New York. Black will never go out of fashion. A black leather coat, in particular, will always be stylish — they’re worn everywhere from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Rule #2: The price of your clothes doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to find the right combination.

New York ladies can easily combine an expensive handbag with an inexpensive top bought at the nearest H&M. It doesn’t matter where you bought your clothes or how much they’re worth — what matters is how you combine them.

Rule #3: A handbag is the best investment.

The handbag is the most important accessory that expresses the style of every fashionista in New York. Once again, how much you pay for it isn’t important. Whether it’s the budget option from Zara or the most expensive bag from Chanel worth several thousand dollars, the most important thing is that it expresses who you are.

Rule #4: Sunglasses should be worn whatever the season.

Day or night, rain or shine, wear your shades. For they exist only for one purpose — to make you look perfect.

Rule #5: If something’s lacking from your appearance, add something bright.

For example, combine a bright bag, hat, or pair of shoes with a black outfit, and it’s virtually guaranteed that everyone will notice you — and remember your style.

Rule #6: Mix up your style.

You can complete a look by adding something as simple as a pair of Converse, combining them with a baggy T-shirt to give you that ’just got out of bed’ appearance. But a pair of designer heels might work equally well here. Try combining unusual things — you’ll be surprised at the results.

However, the mistake that should be avoided when trying to choose curious clothes is not to use provocative details. They will just spoil the way you look and the impression you produce.

Rule #7: Vintage clothing is your friend.

In New York, there’s even a name for this vintage style: ’downtown.’ Lace-up shoes, baggy tops, and unusual retro-style accessories all combine to give you a look that’s Bohemian and casual.

Rule #8: Play around with different sizes.

Mix things of different sizes and shapes, whether it’s skinny or over-sized, a long knee-length coat or a short one. It’s always great to experiment!

Rule #9: Less is more when it comes to your makeup and hairstyle.

It’s not worth the risk of overdoing it with your hair and especially your makeup. Try using some bright lipstick without anything else on your face, or just some simple curls or a ponytail rather than anything elaborate.

Rule #10: Confidence in yourself and your style is key.

If there’s one thing you can learn from New Yorkers, it’s this: how do they show their unique individuality? By not worrying what others will think. Are your curls look messy? Just let them down without a care — you’ll look great regardless. Are you two meters tall? You can still wear heels! Feel like wearing a leopard-print coat and dungarees? Do it. You’ll look better and feel better.